Nitya Properties Provide Food Relief During Winter Storm

As things finally begin to settle down in Texas following the deadly winter storm that left so many without water and electricity, Nitya Capital wishes to take the opportunity to thank all the brave men and women who contributed to the relief efforts across the state.

We have heard more and more stories about the brave heroics that took place from so many Houstonians, and we honor your sense of goodwill and care for your fellow man during what was an extremely challenging period of Texas history. On behalf of all of us here at Nitya, we humbly thank you.

As for our very own properties, we wanted to share their stories as well! During the storm, so many people were left with dwindling food supplies and few ways of cooking what they had. It was an unfortunate and common problem for people all across the city and we’re all too familiar with the extreme discomfort it caused everyone.

At our Bayou Park and Providence at Heights properties, however, things were thankfully a little different. Nitya Capital is so pleased and proud to feature their commitment to their residents and employees as they provided free hot meals from local food trucks to anyone in need of food. Through our Karya Kares Foundation, our properties made sure that, despite all other weather-based disadvantages taking place, residents were properly fed and made comfortable as they waited out the rest of the storm.

Nitya Capital values the strength of compassion during difficult times and we recognize our Karya-owned properties for taking the steps necessary to help tenants in their time of need. We thank Bayou Park and Providence at Heights for their quick thinking and care for their residents, as well as Tacos Jacky and Nom Tom Bot Mobile Kitchen for their generosity.

Stories such as these are what helps us feel whole and complete in the work that we do and we are so grateful to have such kind and hard-working people under our wing. Those who rise to the challenge are the true backbone of our organization and we honor your strength and commitment.