Why Real Estate?

Real estate provides an investment class that offers a tangible asset that can preserve capital in economic downturns while also providing current income and capital appreciation. We are deeply interested in redefining real estate by doing things differently. We invest in every transaction with you for maximum alignment and our platform is uniquely designed to add value in every stage of the investment process unlike any other.

Our Strategy

We Offer a Vertically Integrated Platform
  • 1
    Capital Raising

  • 2

  • 3
    Asset Management

  • 4
    Property Management

Our Track Record

$3.0B in AUM

$5.0B in Total Transaction Volume

$1.5B Active Transaction Volume1

8%+ Target Cash Yield

1. Includes active acquisition pipeline, refinancings and sales under contract.
2. ~$1.7B in closed transactions and ~$500MM in pending transactions.
3. Includes the average return on every closed sale transaction since inception in 2013.
4. Returns are all net of fees and promote. As of March, 31st 2022.