Nitya Increases Hiring Opportunities During Covid-19

Nitya Capital is pleased and proud to announce that hiring opportunities within the company have not decreased in the wake of Covid-19. Quite the contrary, hiring has steadily increased over the past nine months with many new members joining the Nitya family to take on new duties and responsibilities within the organization.

During this difficult Covid season, we recognize that many fine workers are experiencing great hardship when it comes to finding proper employment in an uncertain economy. Additionally, many workers have found themselves astray from the job they knew as more and more companies are cutting costs for the sake of company preservation.

Since the beginning of the outbreak, we are happy to report that not a single member of the Nitya family has been furloughed or laid off. As our profits and success rate continue to grow, we encourage greater amounts of growth within our team, bringing in fresh new faces with new ideas for the future.

Together, we celebrate our rich growth in our dedicated employees and look forward to providing new creativity and diversity to the world of investments!