Nitya Clears the Way for its Karya Kares Clinic

Nitya Capital takes great pride in its partnership with Karya Kares, specifically designed to give back to families and residents in need. 

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, we are looking to expand our efforts in helping to make a real impact on the community. The Karya Kares clinic was created with the goal of helping residents who cannot afford healthcare, as well as offering preventative care for those who need it. 

We are very pleased and proud to announce that the Karya Kares Clinic has officially been approved by the Texas Medical Board! Located near Bella Vista Apartments, the clinic will act as a shining testament to the spirit of goodwill and medical professionalism, featuring an array of qualified specialists ready to help the community on their own volunteered time. 

The clinic’s final opening date will be announced in 2021. We are so grateful to be part of this excellent program.