Nitya Capital Marks Additional Successful Exits With Great Returns

Nitya Capital is pleased to announce the successful closing deals of several of its former properties. Following the closings of Falls on Bull Creek, Downtown 360, and The Lure Apartments, Nitya Capital marked substantial profits for the Autumn season.

Falls on Bull Creek, a residence located in the Austin area, served as a significant closing for the real estate investment firm. Closed on September 3rd, Falls on Bull Creek acted as a noteworthy residential marker in the Austin area for its quick access to major local and Downtown Austin locations. Additionally, the apartment’s speedy reach towards top schools within the Austin area made it a highly attractive location for investors overall.

Downtown 360, located in the Salt Lake City area of Utah, was closed on August 23rd. Downtown 360 marked one of Nitya’s biggest reaches outside of the Texas area, with the company currently pursuing deals in other major metropolitan areas of the country. The urban Salt Lake City climate brought forth a significant wave of resident attention, particularly with the property’s ample amenities and services driving increased interest in its living spaces.

The Lure Apartments, a residence located in Dallas, Texas, lastly maintained a successful overall closing for the company. This property served as a prime piece of real estate within the Dallas area, given the city’s recent emphasis on technology-focused employment for new residents. The apartment’s local sense of convenience made it a highly desirable location, paving the way for advanced investor opportunities overall.

All three properties, as a whole, featured prominently in Nitya Capital’s continued ascension as one of the top real estate investing companies in the country. Recently, Nitya Capital has announced an online crowdfunding platform for investors to utilize in order to take advantage of the biggest real estate investment opportunities across the United States. All prospective investors are encouraged to participate.

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