Nitya Capital Launches Inaugural $500M Multifamily Focused Real Estate Fund

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Houston-based real estate investment firm Nitya Capital is raising its first-ever $500M real estate fund focused on multifamily assets and will also include student housing and other commercial assets across the U.S. The firm will launch Nitya Opportunity Fund I with a $200M target first close in May of 2022 followed by a final close in the fall of 2022.

Multifamily has been a focus for the organization since its early inception and that focal point will continue going forward through the fund. Additionally, student housing will be supplemented given its parallels with multifamily and the ability to invest in newer vintage assets with compelling cap rates and value propositions. Uniquely, participating investors can also invest in the fund’s preferred equity program, for those looking for lower risk. Further, the firm also has a redemption feature in the fund so investors may redeem their investments for any reason after 2 years.

“I am delighted that we are raising an inaugural fund of such meaningful size,” Swapnil Agarwal, founder and CEO of Nitya Capital and KPM Property Management, remarked on the fund. “We view our investors’ trust in us as the highest honor, and it is our firm’s responsibility to act as the greatest stewards of their capital. I am grateful that I can implement a vision and drive the firm’s strategy alongside our exceptional team.”

The company has an impressive track record with over $2 billion in exits that generated 25%+ net returns for its investors since inception. Nitya Capital additionally works as a frontrunner for outside charity causes, using its Karya Kares program to tackle specific health, education, and societal concerns including school safety, swimming education, scholarships for first-time collegegoers, and providing healthy meals to children in need. The organization is also launching its proprietary Resident Enrichment program to advance the lives of the residents it serves.

“Our investors have been awaiting our fund for years now, but it was important for me to launch this project at the right time,” stated Agarwal. “Now that we have successfully transacted in over $5 billion in transactions including our latest nearly half-billion acquisition, coupled with an excellent track record, the time is right. I look forward to the next phase of our journey as a team, and I personally look forward to the challenge of elevating our organization further to continue to exceed investor expectations and deliver optimal returns.”

Nitya Capital’s online investing platform is currently available for all interested parties. For additional information, please visit https://nityacapital.com/invest/.

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