Nitya Capital Expands in Dallas Tech Boom

The city of Dallas, Texas, has recently experienced a high level of growth within its technology industry, particularly in the areas of IT. According to an article published in November of 2020, Dallas has come to outshine the San Francisco Bay Area, ranking second on a list of the best tech towns in the US, the first being neighboring Austin, Texas. As the fourth-largest metropolitan area in the nation, Dallas’ huge population of 1,241,162 citizens provides ample gains for those interested in exploring new possibilities in the job market. As a major city within the country, Dallas features some of the biggest tech companies in the business world, including: 

  • AT&T
  • Pinnacle Group
  • Telvista
  • Infogroup
  • Tellabs
  • Mercado Labs
  • Solera
  • Texas Instruments
  • O9 Solutions

This presents prime opportunities for new Dallas residents, including those seeking to move into new apartments near the best tech sectors of the city. Nitya Capital has continued to signify its interest in expanding its boundaries across the city, allowing future Dallas tech professionals the chance to take advantage of the city’s growing technology-focused reputation. Residents would ideally have the chance to live close to the new Dallas Silicon Valley with quick access to major company expansions in the area.

Through Nitya’s sister company Karya Property Management, we feature a wide array of current Dallas properties including The LureMuse ApartmentsResidence at Lake HighlandsResidence at Midtown, and more. As Nitya moves to continue its reach within the Dallas area, it is expected to continue its growth along with the recent IT-boom. 

Nitya Capital, has additionally opened up major multifamily and commercial office opportunities as well with their brand new online crowdfunding platform. The platform will help future investors make key investments in properties without third party fees. This, naturally, includes properties within the Dallas region. For more information, visit http://nityacapital.com/invest/.

We have grown a portfolio of over 6,000 units across the country and aims to maximize tenant retention within the market. With affordable pricing, amenities, pet-friendly services, and a wide selection of different designs and location perks, We aim to become the dominant property management company in Dallas.