Nitya Capital Celebrates Sensational Fall Acquisitions!

Beverly at Lakeside

Nitya Capital successfully implemented several major acquisitions and closings following the end of the month of October. With dynamic new visions afloat on the far horizon, the privately held real estate investment firm is taking effective steps to provide investors with innovative, high-demand multifamily opportunities.

Nitya Capital marked significant growth in its overall portfolio options with its recent acquisitions within the Florida region, specifically within the areas of Jacksonville and Orlando. These came in the forms of its ambitious Jacksonville Portfolio as well as the following Orlando properties: Beverly at Lakeside, Caden at Lakeside, and Palmetto at Lakeside.

Each of the Orlando properties features close proximity to the local Lake Jasmine area, as well as critical regional convenience for residents drawn to Orlando’s many popular entertainment attractions. With the area’s suitable climate, thriving economy, and booming tourism thanks to the recent easing of travel restrictions, Orlando stood out to Nitya Capital as a highly prosperous, inventive area of exploration when it came to cementing new multifamily developments.

Nitya’s new Jacksonville portfolio features 7 properties in total, located in the high-demand Arlington submarket. The Arlington submarket features a level of demand and popularity with civilians via its plethora of job opportunities fueled by JAX Airport, along with its appealing metro-based location and its quick access to North Florida’s Atlantic shore. The Jacksonville market additionally benefits from being one of the top five markets in the country today, with a growing housing industry and a hot new approach towards escalating requests for multifamily accommodations. Nitya Capital’s pursuit of the Jacksonville area proclaimed a more multifaceted examination of Florida’s overall mass appeal, as well as how it can drive substantial investor returns with each new investment.

Nitya Capital has recently created a new online crowdfunding platform to help investors take advantage of new opportunities like Jacksonville and Orlando. The platform acts as a means of reducing third-party fees by way of directly connecting investors and operators together for a more comprehensive, communicative approach to real estate investing. All interested parties can visit https://nityacapital.com/invest/ for additional information.

Nitya Capital subsequently met the season with successful property closings as well, including Residence at Vegas, Residence at Lake Highlands, Broadmead, City West, and Lantana Apartments. The company was pleased to announce profitable results from each closing, as well as a renewed drive to further pursue the best properties and locations across the United States.

As the year moves into its winter and spring seasons, Nitya Capital continues to pave the way for new investment opportunities as well as showcases prime property closings for the 2022 new year.

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