Nitya Capital Announces Record Transaction Volume in 2021

Nitya Capital - Real Estate Accommodation Property Investment

HOUSTON, Aug. 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Nitya Capital, LLC, a privately held real estate investment firm, announced today a record transaction volume of approximately $2.2 billion in 2021, resulting in its strongest year to date in the middle of a pandemic and a sluggish economy. Thus far, Nitya has delivered a realized IRR of ~34.4% with an equity multiple of ~1.56x to its investors.

“We haven’t seen such outstanding results for any private real estate firm during the approximately 8 years of our existence,” said Swapnil Agarwal, CEO and Managing Partner of Nitya Capital. “It has always been our philosophy to face challenges head-on, be resilient, and deliver on our commitments. This year, we anticipated the market dislocation and exited certain assets at record cap rates to lock in profits for our investors. We currently have approximately $900 million in assets under contract or LOI, which is expected to generate an IRR of 52.6% IRR and an equity multiple of 1.62x. In addition, we have approximately $200 million of refinancing closings this year.”

“We also continue to grow our portfolio with selective acquisitions of large, off-market portfolios, where we see opportunities to take advantage of bulk/discounted pricing,” noted Swapnil Agarwal. “Presently, we have approximately $1.1 billion of active deals in the pipeline, which will be closed by the end of this year.”

Swapnil Agarwal added, “We are proud of what we have achieved thus far, and we look forward to continued growth and delivery of outsized returns for our investors.”

The company has also recently featured an online crowdfunding platform where investors can directly invest in real estate on Nitya’s main website. Speaking on behalf of the platform, Swapnil stated, “I am proud to announce our continued efforts through this amazing real estate opportunity. We aspire to give the public smooth access to great investments so that everyone can participate in substantial long term wealth creation.” All interested parties may visit https://nityacapital.com/invest/.

For additional information regarding Nitya Capital and its offerings, please visit www.nityacapital.com, or reach out to our Investor Relations team at Invest@NityaCapital.com.

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