New Scholarship Opportunities from Nitya Capital’s Karya Kares Program!

At Nitya Capital, the concept of financial literacy holds a very high degree of value, especially in how the newer, younger generation absorbs it into knowledge. This can come in the form of a solid education as students can be taught new ways to consider how to financially plan for their future.

In honor of Black History Month, we are pleased to announce our brand new scholarship program. Through our Karya Kares foundation, we are awarding five scholarships to any Houstonian that is interested in full-time undergraduate education. These scholarships are designed to give back to the Houston community and help take their education to the next level, as well as encourage mindfulness towards financial literacy.

We are additionally offering a scholarship for our internal employees designed to help them pursue continued education in a field of their choice. Winners will be announced every six months.

While the scholarship program is still developing, Nitya Capital is excited to share the opportunity for education with those who seek it. To learn more about our Karya Kares program, you can visit the main website at https://karyakares.org/. Check out our Nitya Capital Facebook Page as well for the latest news and updates about the scholarship program.

On behalf of Nitya Capital, we are sincerely excited about this new program. We look forward to providing additional information in the coming weeks.