Crowdfunding and Nitya, the Perfect Blend!

Nitya Capital is exhilarated to announce the arrival of a new groundbreaking crowdfunding platform that will revolutionize how investors are able to make choices about their personal real estate investments without the hassle of additional fees and third parties.

Crowdfunding is all about making real estate investments for the 21st century. Previous ways of investing required millions of dollars and access to compelling opportunities. But now, with the development of new technologies, we have an easier way of making investments count without the pressure of investing large amounts of money. For as little as $25,000, investors have the opportunity to invest in multiple investments from apartments to office buildings.

And all of this takes place directly through Nitya’s website instead of third-party interference causing additional unwanted fees that become inefficient for the investor. This opportunity, not previously open to the public, grants investors the time they need to make SMART investing decisions with better financial offers in mind.

Nitya proudly invests in every single deal launched on the platform, following our investors every step of the way through the process. The company boasts over $2 billion-plus in real estate assets and over 75 transactions of history where we have delivered over 20% IRRs.

Crowdfunding is ultimately all about convenience and low-stress options, giving everyone the chance to invest without having to spend huge amounts of money. It’s ultimately a win-win where everyone gets a shot and a say in what they want to pursue at the best possible value that’s tailored to their personal wants and needs.