9-Property Acquisition Marks Largest Acquisition in Nitya’s History

Nitya Capital has recently made substantial gains in terms of new off-market investment opportunities.

Among their latest major gains, Nitya Capital is proud to announce their largest-ever major acquisition–Raven Portfolio. This is a 9-property portfolio totaling 2,556 units across the DFW metropolitan area. All nine properties benefit from strong submarket locations with high-quality construction, an exceptionally rare off-market opportunity despite the portfolio’s size and overall location in the high-demand DFW market.

To date, Nitya Capital has acquired 2,903 units and exited 1,708 units in the DFW Metro area, achieving a blended net IRR of 26% and a net MoM of 1.72x. Nitya’s current DFW portfolio has generated 23% NOI growth since acquisition. They additionally have met success in the closing sales of several of their past DFW properties including Residence at Arlington and Sierra Park.

The DFW submarket provides ample opportunities for those seeking a suitable place to settle down. It has the fourth-largest metro economy as well as no state income tax. The area also benefits from an affordable cost of living and has reportedly added more residents than any other metro area in the last decade. The area is also projected for significant Covid-19 recovery with a forecasted unemployment rate of 3.8% by 2024. All of these listed factors, coupled with its reported 79% post-Covid job recovery, make the area ideal for both residents and investors.

Nitya Capital’s new Raven Portfolio is expected to generate plenty of investor attention as Nitya expands across the region.