Nitya Capital Opens the Karya Kares Clinic in Houston!

Nitya Capital has achieved continued success in recent months, from major acquisitions to exploring new multifamily markets including Colorado and Arizona. But among its latest successes, the opening of the Karya Kares Clinic acted as a major milestone for Nitya’s reach across the Houston community, as well as a turning point in the lives of locals on a health-based level.

Founded by Nitya’s own Swapnil Agarwal, Deepika Agarwal, and Vivek Shah, the Karya Kares Clinic is a free preventative healthcare clinic designed to help Houston residents make the most of their personal health choices, promoting a healthy lifestyle and a plant-based diet. As the United States continues to struggle with the major issues of heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure, the Karya Kares Clinic serves as a means of preventing these hazardous diseases before they occur.

The clinic was officially opened on Saturday, May 15th. Major Texas officials were present for the event, including Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner, Sheriff Ed Gonzalez, Congresswoman Ms. Sheila Jackson Lee, Former-Congressman John Culberson, Consul General of India Shri Aseem R. Mahajan, Former Secretary of State of Texas Geoff Conner, Texas Regional Director Jason Fuller from the office of U.S senator Ted Cruz, Director of Public sector Sam Merchant from the office of Congressman Al Green, Consul member Tiffany Thomas, and Jennifer Herrara from TX-CDR. Also present were the clinic’s main doctors, Dr. Jignesh Shah, Dr. Mona Shah, and Dr. Parin Shah, a renowned team of doctors from the Indian Doctors Association. All three experts specialize in Emergency Medicine.

The Karya Kares Clinic will signify a substantial level of importance to the Houston community within a post-covid world. Guests will finally have the opportunity to make better decisions about their personal health and fitness, preventing a future of harmful diseases through better instruction and services.

Nitya Capital is so thankful for the new clinic and we sincerely cannot wait to see what is in store for new clinic developments in the future.