Nitya’s team promotes full transparency and integrity to keep investors informed ahead of the curve

What Makes Nitya Unique

Nitya Capital strives to “redefine” multifamily real estate with its unique approach to all aspects of the business with the goal of generating true alpha.

  • Experienced Management Team with Alignment of Interests

    The Nitya team brings decades of real estate and multi-sector investment experience coupled with an institutional approach and an active, hands-on management approach. Our team’s investment and operations experience (including during recessionary environments) results in the ability to capitalize on opportunities related to property management inefficiencies and market mispricing through data-driven analysis. To ensure full alignment of interests, Nitya’s owners personally invest in every opportunity.

  • Strategy and Approach

    Nitya employs an institutional approach across all avenues pre and post-acquisition, which includes detailed underwriting with assumptions derived via in-depth market research and data analysis, a thorough due diligence process, and a sophisticated asset management model that monitors key performance indicators which is used to evaluate and optimize asset performance. Operational and marketing strategies employed at the site-level are in-line with Class A properties, as Nitya places a large emphasis on customer service, property marketing, leasing strategies and overall management. We incorporate resident-enriching activities and after school programs to improve quality of life for tenants and foster a sense of community in a safe living environment, resulting in reduced tenant turnover rates.

  • Property Management Platform

    Nitya has its fully owned and operated property management company, Karya Property Management, which allows for full control and monitoring of on-site activities. A strong emphasis is placed on hiring talented employees at not only the corporate level, but on-site at the property as well. Nitya recognizes that people are our best assets, and by hiring and retaining quality individuals which are ultimately the “face of the property,” we are able to differentiate ourselves from competitors and achieve superior performance. A unique focus is also placed on technology solutions that provide enhanced efficiency as it relates to purchasing and spending limits, expense approvals, and invoice processing which has helped to reduce monthly expenses and maximize NOI levels.

  • Proven Track Record with a Focus on Trust and Integrity

    Nitya has acquired $1.52B of assets in the United States and has successfully executed upon its business strategy. Nitya has realized returns achieving an average IRR net to investors of 45%+. The current portfolio of assets are on plan or outperforming our initial underwriting, which has resulted in attractive distributions to investors made ahead of schedule and in excess of initial projections (8-12% in Year-1). Nitya promotes 100% transparency and integrity to keep investors informed, and is available 24/7 to answer all investor questions/concerns.

  • Financial Disclosure and Reporting Package

    Nitya provides full financial disclosure which is comprehensive and provided monthly within 30 days of month end close. Reporting packages provide summary information along with key initiatives, KPIs and financial performance that includes actual results, YTD results, and comparisons to prior years or budgets. Financial packages are also available via our Investor Portal with secure access 24/7. We also provide periodic reports to investors for relevant market changes and the perspective of Nitya including the proactive efforts being made as a result.