Nitya’s strategy is focused on enhancing the value of its investments to maximize returns


Karya Property Management Overview

Nitya has its fully owned and operated property management company, Karya Property Management. As multifamily owners, we began by hiring outside third-party property management companies. Unfortunately, we never observed the standards and excellence that we believe to be paramount in the management of any property. The market lacks a best-in-class branded property management company in the multifamily Class B and C sector. Karya Property Management was formed to fill this market void. Most third-party property management companies do not have high quality personnel, attention to detail, or systems and controls in-place coupled with a true “owner” mindset to maximize value at a given property. 

Karya’s goal is to ensure that Nitya’s properties are optimized in every aspect from marketing, tenant satisfaction and retention, expense management, revenue optimization, and overall management to yield maximum levels of net operating income, while providing investors with the highest levels of transparency, controls, and integrity.